We are pleased to offer Skin Camouflage Consultations with Michelle McKenzie, a trained and accredited therapist with the British Association of Skin Camouflage.

Michelle teaches clients how to apply professional camouflage make-up to conceal features including scars, birthmarks, port-wine stains, vitiligo, acne marks, non-infectious skin conditions (dermatoses) and tattoos. During a one-to-one consultation, Michelle will use her expertise to select suitable products and then teach you how to apply them.


Michelle says: “Having something like a scar or birthmark can prevent you from living the way you want to – for example, one of my clients was a keen swimmer, but was so embarrassed about a scar, that she stopped going to the pool. A 50 minute session with me helped to rebuild her confidence and she was soon back in the water. It’s empowering for people to learn how to apply the creams by themselves – and if they need any follow-up support, I’ll be there for them.”

Patient before Skin Camouflage session

Patient afer Skin Camouflage session

From shy girl to prom queen

“My 16 year old daughter was left with unsightly scarring on her shoulders, due to severe acne. I made contact with Michelle McKenzie in the hope that she would be able to provide advice concerning the type of body make-up which would be suitable for her to use, and instructions on how to apply this. Her advice was great! My daughter is now looking forward to her high school prom and has the confidence to wear a much coveted strappy dress without feeling self-conscious. She is also looking forward to purchasing lots of feminine summer clothes that she would normally have avoided. I can’t thank Michelle enough!”
Mother of a client, Isle of Wight

“I can now face people, instead of turning away”

“My way of life has changed so much since I had a consultation with Michelle McKenzie. I have had a rash on my face for six years, and was starting to become quite introverted, but now I find myself actually facing people when I talk to them instead of turning away. It was my friend’s wedding recently and previously I would have hidden away, but I felt confident enough to join everyone in the garden.

“As well as teaching me camouflage techniques, she has set me off on a journey with a Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Richard Ashton, to help me find out what was causing the red patches. It’s made a big difference, and now I can manage my condition with a combination of medicine and makeup. I had been struggling on my own but now feel comforted in the knowledge that I have my little team of people with me every step of the way. And when I look in the mirror every morning, I now class myself as ‘normal’. And that makes me very happy.”
Mrs A, Isle of Wight

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Your appointment will be with Michelle McKenzie – a fully trained and accredited Beauty Therapist and Skin Camouflage Consultant. You can find out more about her credentials here.
No, you can refer yourself – you don’t need a doctor’s note.
You will have an initial discussion with Michelle about your skin condition or area of your body that you would like to conceal. Suitable creams will be matched to your skin tone and type. Michelle will teach you how to apply the products and blend them into your skin to give a realistic and long-lasting effect.
Consultations are not available on the NHS – but many of the creams that we recommend are available on prescription.
Possibly – please get in touch to discuss your policy.
If you don’t rub it excessively, then the creams can stay in place for several days. You can even go swimming or have a shower, and the makeup will remain in place.
No – one 50 minute session will be enough to equip you with all the skills that you need.
The specialist make-up can hide non infectious skin conditions, including port-wine stains, scars, acne marks and certain types of psoriasis. If you’re not sure if this treatment is suitable for you, then please ask before making an appointment, and we would be pleased to advise you.
Unfortunately this treatment is not suitable for any skin conditions where the skin is open and damaged – this includes eczema.
It’s not something that we recommend. In certain circumstances, it can be a useful boost to a child’s self-esteem, but we should discuss this with you in advance. If we agree that your child is suitable, then a letter of referral from your GP or Paediatrician will be required if your child is under the age of 12.
We can’t offer a permanent solution, but if you’d like to learn how to disguise your tattoo, then this is an excellent option. We can even come to you, by arrangement, for special occasions such as weddings.
No – but we’ll make sure you know how to obtain them. You’ll be given a pre-prescription, which you can take to your GP or our in-house Dermatologists. They can provide you with a prescription that will be recognised by pharmacists (most creams are available on the NHS). Alternatively, you can purchase your products online – we’ll point you in the right direction.

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