We can take blood for your medical tests in the tranquil setting of our clinic in the heart of Newport. This is a private service that we are able to offer for any tests that have been requested by your doctor.

A trained specialist will take a sample of your blood, and then the specimen will be transported to our local laboratories for testing. Your GP or hospital specialist will receive the results and discuss them with you.

Private blood taking price list


Phlebotomy is the practice of taking blood samples from patients, which are then later analysed in a laboratory to test for illnesses.
Your appointment will be with a trained professional in our medical team, led by Dr Amy Poyner. You can find out more about their credentials here.
No, unfortunately this service is not available on the NHS.
Yes, you will need a blood test form from your GP, Midwife or hospital Consultant clinic. Please bring this with you to 62 Crocker Street. This is so we can brief the labs, so that they know what to test for.  
You will be welcomed into our smart offices, where you can relax and browse through the magazines before your appointment. We will offer you a drink of water, as this minimises any discomfort during the procedure. Your specialist will take a small sample of your blood, using sterile equipment, and then your specimen will be taken to the labs at St Mary’s Hospital for testing. Our aim is to make the process as swift and stress-free as possible.
We can take blood for any NHS tests including antenatal checks that have been requested by your GP, Midwife or Specialist. Please bring your original blood test form with you. We don’t test the samples – that’s done at St Mary’s. The technicians at St Mary’s will be guided by the information on the form. They can conduct one-off tests (eg to see if your iron levels are low), or analyse samples on a regular basis to help you manage conditions such as high cholesterol, diabetes or pregnancy.
Yes – please ask your GP, Midwife or Consultant to refer you. They will give you a blood test form – please bring this with you.
Possibly – please get in touch to discuss your policy.
We are registered to offer consultations and treatment to children aged 12 and over. You will need a letter of referral from your GP or Paediatrician if your child is under the age of 12.

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