The Lighthouse Clinic, based at 62 Crocker Street, provides all the Island’s NHS Dermatology services including consultations and minor surgery.

Our Consultants are highly skilled at treating clients with skin conditions and diseases that can have a significant impact on self esteem and confidence, such as eczema and psoriasis. We are also specialists in treating all forms of skin cancer.

The Consultants offer private consultations for clients who would like to be seen at their earliest convenience, or have needs that are not currently met by the NHS.

Private dermatology consultation price list


Your appointment will be with one of the members of our Consultant-led team. Many of our patients will see a General Practitioner trained in dermatology (GPSI) as this will give you the fastest access to specialist care. Patients with the most complex conditions will be seen by one of our Consultant Dermatologists, Dr Omar Aziz and Dr Richard Ashton. Our team also includes Specialist and Registered Nurses, and trained Healthcare Assistants. You can find out more about our team’s credentials here.
Yes, we would be pleased to see you and recommend a treatment pathway through the NHS.
Private consultations will not have access to your NHS notes. If you’ve previously been seen by your local Dermatology service on the NHS, then we will have access to your notes if you are having an NHS consultation.
Yes, if you would like a consultation on the NHS. All new NHS patients need a medical referral from their GP or a Hospital Consultant. Alternatively you can book a private appointment with one of our Consultants without going through the referral process.
Possibly – please get in touch to discuss your policy.
Your doctor will discuss your condition with you and discuss treatment options, if relevant. Please bring any medication with you – and it may be helpful to write down any significant dates (eg when you first developed symptoms). We will not have access to your NHS medical notes.
No, we try very hard to keep waiting times down, so that you are seen at your appointed time. Please help us, by arriving on time, reporting to Reception when you come in, and telling us who your appointment is with. Occasionally there may be unavoidable delays but we will always try to keep you informed. Don’t worry if someone who arrives after you, is seen before you. We have different clinics running at the same time and it’s most likely that the other person is being seen by a different doctor.
We have the expertise to offer advice on all kinds of skin conditions and diseases, ranging from eczema to cancer.
All NHS patients with a mark or lump on their skin that could be a melanoma or invasive squamous cell skin cancer are referred through the two week wait system and will be seen within that period. Many marks and lumps on the skin aren’t cancer, but should be checked out as quickly as possible.
Our team provides a diagnostic and treatment service for the full range of skin cancers including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma.
It depends. Treatment could involve emollient creams, medication, minor surgery, lifestyle advice – or we may take a ‘watch and wait’ approach in certain cases.
Yes, if medication is required, we will provide you with a prescription that will be recognised by pharmacists (most creams are available on the NHS).
Yes, we have operating rooms for minor procedures. All our surgery is under local anaesthetic, which means that you are numbed in a limited area and are not given a general anaesthetic. The procedure usually takes less than an hour and you will be awake throughout. We suggest that you bring someone with you to accompany you home, or arrange to be picked up.
Please try to give us at least 24 hours notice so that we can offer it to someone else. Cancelling appointments on the day, or failing to attend without prior notice, may mean that you will need your GP to re-refer you. This isn’t in your best interests if you need treatment.
We’ll send you a letter inviting you to a follow up appointment, if you need one. If you have had a biopsy, then we’ll be in touch once we have received the results. This can take 2-4 weeks.
We are registered to offer consultations and treatment to children aged 12 and over. You will need a letter of referral from your GP or Paediatrician if your child is under the age of 12.

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