Please help us protect our patients and staff from Covid and other seasonal illnesses.

If you are due to come into the clinic, you may be wondering what to expect when you visit.

• We ask that you only enter the building if you have an appointment.

• We ask you to enter alone unless you require a person to help you during your consultation.

• Our building has been adapted to be a safe environment, for example, our reception area has a protective transparent screen.

• You will be asked to sanitise your hands with the gel provided.

• You will be asked to wear a face mask (we will provide a mask if you do not have one).

• All clinical staff are Covid 19 trained and will be wearing PPE.

• Any administrative staff that you may see will be wearing masks.

• We are busy so spacing is difficult at times, please try to respect social distancing where possible.

We aim to keep you and our staff safe so we can continue to treat patients, and especially put our vulnerable patients at ease while visiting the clinic.

Please call the clinic on 01983 552590 if you are unsure of anything.