New Service to streamline skin care referrals launches on the Isle of Wight

Dermatology specialists at The Lighthouse Clinic are proud and excited to be launching the latest Dermatology technological development to Island GP practices at the end of July 2019- The Teledermatology Assessment Service.

What patients can expect

If you are a patient at one of the two champion sites, Argyll House Surgery, and St Helens Medical Centres, you can expect to see some brand new high spec equipment in use. When GPs feel their patients need further assessment of skin lumps, bumps and funny moles, they will take a few highly magnified images, complete a short questionnaire on a smartphone app, and send these together over a secure link to The Lighthouse Clinic specialists. The images are assessed and both you and the GP will have the outcome within a few days.
The app is called “Dermicus”. It enables a faster and more efficient process for the diagnosis and management of skin cancers.

The new service will reduce traditional routine assessment waiting times of up to 2 months to a matter of days. So, if you have skin concerns, there is no need for weeks of worrying. There will fewer unnecessary visits to the specialist clinic. In cases where the specialists would like to see you, your appointment can be booked much quicker than ever before. If you are called in for an appointment, the shorter waiting times will lead to early detection, early treatment and of course, less time to worry. If the specialists feel that you have a non-cancerous skin condition then you will receive advice in the post on how to look after it.

About the project

This project is the result of collaboration between Wessex Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), Gnosco (Dermicus app developers), Isle of Wight NHS Trust, Lighthouse Medical Limited and the Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Once the champion sites are up and running, Lighthouse Medical Limited will be investing in every Island practice and delivering face to face training to each GP and Advanced Nurse Practitioner. This will ensure that all Island patients will see the benefits of the new teledermatology assessment service by the end of the year.


Supported by Wessex Academic Health Science Network  and partnered with Gnosco Ltd