All consultations and treatments on the NHS are entirely free. If you have been referred to us by your GP or hospital doctor, you will not be given a bill if we see you on the NHS.

We also provide services for clients who prefer the convenience of being seen outside the NHS, and offer a few selected treatments that are only available privately. The following price guide is for the clients we see on an independent basis.

Consultations & treatments Cost (from)
Private consultation with a Dermatologist (first appointment) £150
Minor procedure by a Dermatologist £400
Minor procedure by a Nurse Specialist £175
Removal of skin tags, warts or milia £125
Cryotherapy £35
Single mole or lesion examination £40
Mole checking and mapping £175
Skin camouflage £50

If any pathology is required it will be charged in addition to the quoted figures.

We have a 'no surprises' policy

This means that clients are given advance notification of any costs that could be incurred before treatment starts.